KRJST Studio’s story started in 2012 launched by Erika Schillebeeckx (KR) and Justine de Moriamé (JST),

both graduated in Stylisme at La Cambre (Belgium) where THEY developed THEIR knowledge for textiles, colors and shapes.

KRJST Studio became a world dedicated to plastic research and development based on a quest for spirituality.

Through THEIR creative process, THEY reinvent iconographies from the past, crystallising their research on protection, symbolism and the Sacred. THEIR strong identity, close to neo-baroque, incorporate pictural and technical exploration. Painting, drawings, 3D works and results of THEIR alchemic experiments are filling the studio. The translation of the THEIR research into ART, weavingS AND CLOTHES represents the heart of THEIR creative approach. 

KRJST Studio takes its root in the unexpected symbiosis between TEXTILE and art, mixing works in colors, 3D, technology, textile and craft. 

Internationally renowned labels and brands as EASTPAK, HUAWEI, MAASMECHELEN VILLAGE, VROUYR, BOUCHERY, SILENCIO, MC ALSON, DISNEY, GUY LAROCHE, WILLOW, 42/54 and others already collaborated with the studio.

Past exhibitions: ART ELYSéES PARIS, BEIRUT ART FAIR, DANIEL CROUCH RARE BOOKS (LONDON), AMSTERDAM ART FAIR, Belfius Art Gallery (Bruxelles), BOZAR (Bruxelles), MoMu (Antwerp), Bread & Butter (Berlin), Saatchi Gallery (London), Atelier Relief (Bruxelles), YIA art fair (Maastricht/BRussels), Galerie Desmet & Harmakhis for Art Sablon (Bruxelles), Art SaBLON GALLERY (BRUXELLES), ...